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    • Spirituality
    • Law of Attraction
    • Self-Love and Self-Healing
    • Erasing limiting beliefs
    • Empowerment
    • Wealth Creation

Future Summits Online's mission is simple;

 "To connect people who know their future is in their own hands and are looking for the very best and most powerful teaching, guidance, tools and insights to achieve the future of their dreams quickly, intentionally and confidently"


  • Ancient eastern techniques combined with western philosophies to find balance and happiness.

  • Shifting your perspective to see the world differently to manifest different result and different responses to your environment

  • How to think constructively and creatively, to eradicate undesirable programming and condition ourselves intentionally and positively 

  • How doing affirmation correctly and learning how to communicate with oneself can change the internal reality and impact our external perceptions and awareness.

  • Letting go of our masks to be our true selves, embodying our gifts and owning our sacred wounds to become stronger, happier and to give and receive love abundantly.

  • Embarking on the adventure to explore our own hearts and the infinite power of our inherent, spiritual masculinity and femininity.

  • Manifest our dreams through the law of attraction by creating tangible visuals using photography and script writing.

  • Diving deep into the eternal question of who we are, why are we here, and what are we meant to do and be.


Now is the time to become future ready!

In the current global situation, the one thing that is on everyone's mind is, the uncertainty about the future. 

Instead of yet another Netflix episode, or mindless youtube video, why not spend a fraction of that time expanding your mind, inspiring your spirit and learning what it means to be able to foresee what the future might be like in a whole new way, and by doing that, prepare for it, and thrive into it?

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It is said that people make the best decisions they can, based on the information that they have. What decisions are you making for your life, your career, your family and your business? 


Don't look back 6 months or a year from now and say "I should have...or could have...". Now is your chance to get ahead of the pack, to prepare and be future ready and future proof. The summit has the potential to change your life, literally as if by magic, but we can only do so much. We can give you the tools, knowledge, support and inspiration, but NOTHING will happen until you take action. So take your FIRST action RIGHT NOW. Invest in yourself and commit to the process of changing the information that you have now, to change the choices you make for tomorrow. 


Tony Robbins says, "The only reason you fail is not because of a lack of resources, but because of a lack of resourcefulness". Future Summits Online is committed to connect you with the very best resources to transform your mindset, and therefore your life.

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All interviews go live at 9am (EST) each day and are available for 48 hours

Day 1

Mindfulness, Ancient Healing, Meaning of life

Myung Sung: The Korean Art of Mindful Connection

Dr. Jenelle Kim

Dr of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Co-Founder: JBK Wellness Labs

Speaker, Educator

Interview Content:

  • Is there another way to find balance and happiness

  • Meeting place of Tao philosophy and mindfulness

  • Living Meditation

  • Eight simple keys to enjoy meditation in every minute of every day.

  • Meditating without meditating


 5 Step P.A.U.S.E. System for Rapid Transformation

Dr Arayeh Narouzi

Ph.D in Psychology with a focus on Mindfulness

Intuitive Consultant, Life Coach and Author

Interview Content:

  • Mindfulness
  • Acceptance

  • Past Wounds

  • Perspective Shifting

  • Boundaries


Become a Master Frequency Shifter & Creator of Your Life

Corene Summers

CEO of Artisan Farmacy

Spiritual Business Coach & Reiki Master

Interview Content:

  • What it really means to raise your vibration

  • Re-wire your brain and re-design your life

  • The ugly side of healing/detox and raising your vibration

  • The surprising amount of control you have on your life

  • Powerful visualisation exercise

Corene's Bio

Embracing the Magic Within

Shelly Wilson

Author, Intuitive Medium and Conscious Creator

Reiki Master and Empowerment Coach

Interview Content:

  • Energy awareness

  • Being present

  • Living life rather than simply existing

  • Conscious creation

  • Embracing aliveness and the magic within


Meditation, Spirituality and Manifestation

Virna Lichter​

Beyond Mindset Coach

Certified meditation coach, yoga teacher, ACE-Certified Personal Trainer, weight loss, sports conditioning, and fitness nutrition specialist.
Owner of: Energia Wellness

Interview Content:

  • Beyond Mindset

  • How embracing spirituality can help you achieve success

  • Cosmic Embodiment and Unconscious  Manifestation

  • Blueprint of Human Potential


The Meaning of Life and How to Find it!

DeeAnne Riendeau​

President of Rose Hope International 

Spiritual Muse and Mentor

Interview Content:

  • Meaning breeds manifestation

  • Meaning is innately given ( it's found inside)

  • Seeing beyond the physical

  • Clearing away our blocks and non serving energy

  • Tapping into infinite energy for manifestation

  • Energy upgrade technique


The Power of Surrender and Creation.

Sam Lewis​

Serial entrepreneur, Thought leader and Spiritual Truth seeker


Interview Content:

  • Theosophical Wisdom

  • Exploring our question of "who am I?"

  • When manifesting from the mind we can only manifest what the mind can perceive

  • Vibration is the language of manifestation



Inner Power Blueprint

Sandeep Nath​

Expert on applying Ancient Oriental Wisdom to Reduce Stress, Increase Health, Happiness, and Productivity

Inspirational Author, Professional Speaker & Renewal Coach

Interview Content:

  • Discover your personal energy

  • Changing your outer reality

  • Relationship with self and others

  • The power of meditation and going deep

  • The world of energy and energy healing


Day 2

Law of Attraction, Visualisation, Manifestation, Wealth, Success

Scripting for manifesting the life you want​

Dr. Fran Bandting​

Ph.D in Philosophy, Masters in Metaphysics.

Personal Growth Consultant and Results Expert

Certified Bob Proctor program facilitator

Best Selling Author

Interview Content:

  • We were never taught how to think

  • Are are pursuing the wrong goals?

  • We are programmable.

  • Know yourself to understand yourself

  • What you are seeking is seeking you.


A Method for Miraculous Manifestation

Pr. Damon (Daril) Nailer​

Author, Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Music Producer, Entrepreneur

Ordained Minister

Founder: Real Life Academy

Featured on: The Huffington Post, Reader's Digest, Thrive Global, Goalcast, Yahoo, Yahoo Finance, MSN, Newsbreak, Authority Magazine,

Interview Content:

  • Visualization, Meditation, Activation, Manifestation

  • Creation from Communication

  • Speaking affirmations

  • Developing a simple plan


Visualisation and The Law of Attraction​

Julie Leonard​

Happiness Evangelist / Life Coach / Speaker /Author

Founder of Sunndach

Creator of The International Happiness Circle

Interview Content:

  • Being a Happiness Evangelist

  • Intentional Happiness

  • Limiting beliefs and negative thinking

  • The Law of Attraction

  • Decluttering


Creating your life the way you 'picture' it to be

Pazit Perez​

Law of Attraction Expert, Author

Founder: I have a dream academy

Award winning photographer

Creator of Vision Portraits

Interview Content:

  • Creating a new personal reality

  • How to be Be a Money & Success Magnet

  • Powerfully Increase your Business

  • Powerfully Attract opportunities

  • Identify who you want to Become

  • Capture your vision of Success


Behind every Synchronicity is a Miracle waiting to Happen ​

Dr Philip Merry​

Ph.D in Synchronicity and Leadership

Heart Math Consultant


Interview Content:

  • Use the power of synchronicity to drive life success

  • Clarify the role of quantum world and how we connect with it

  • Understand the 9 Keys of Synchronicity

  • Use the 9 Keys to unlock your hidden potential

  • Reveal how to access your authentic self

  • Open your life to Meaning Miracles and Magic


Success on Purpose

Shelley Meche'tte

Certified Life Purpose Coach, Author, Ordained Minister

Self-awareness Expert and International Speaker

Founder: The PowHERful Woman.

Collaborative Author of the best seller; "Women Inspiring Nations"

Interview Content:

  • Purpose is our gift to others

  • Discovering Purpose is a Life Journey

  • Purpose is DAILY gestures...not "grand" gestures

  • Must speak goodness to self for peace

  • Purpose equals authentic happiness...leads to business success


Manifesting wealth, wealth consciousness

Stacy Hartmann​

Business Success Coach

International speaker

Founder of: The Wealthy Minimalist.

Interview Content:

  • What is a wealthy minimalist

  • The 3 BIG wealth saboteurs

  • The 4 wealth creation powers

  • The syzygy method for wealth manifestation

  • The 6 places money LOVES to land


Day 3

Healing, Masculine/Feminine Energy, Magic, Intuition, Purpose

Living in Magic (Allowing Space For Synchronicity)

Brenden Durell​

Former Professional Athlete

Confidence Coach, Holistic Life Coach, International Speaker

Sexual Energy Mastery⁣, Cacao & Breathwork Guide

Wellness Expert (Netflix)⁣

Interview Content:

  • The biggest adventure is exploring the depths of your heart

  • Breath-work practice and mindfulness tool

  • The transformative power of Cacao Ceremonies

  • Sacred Masculinity and Sexual Energy


Intuition - Following your inner wisdom

Angela Lenhardt​

Intuitive Life & Business Coach

Best-Selling Inspirational Author

Interview Content:

  • Recognising inner messages

  • Show up for your life

  • Pushing through fear

  • How animals can be our teachers

  • The power of surrender


Am I a Mistake or a Miracle

Catherine Chai​

Mindfulness Teacher, Writer

Interview Content:

  • How the trance of unworthiness affects our life

  • Letting go of the masks (the defense/protective mechanism) we wear

  • Owning the sacred wound in life

  • Giving voice to vulnerability

  • Embodying our gift


Meditation / Healing / Raising Vibrations

Sarah BL​

Certified Shamanic Healer,

Spiritual Coach and Meditation Teacher

Founder: Desert OM Retreat

Interview Content:

  • Meditation

  • Healing

  • Self- Love

  • Self- Care

  • Awakening the Soul


Realise And Embody Soul Purpose

Yana Fry​

Spiritual Guide, Community Leader,  

Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, 

Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach, Author and Poetess

Interview Content:

  • Me, Mandala, Money, Magic, Marathon

  • Sacred Union of Inner Masculine and Inner Feminine

  • Practical Spirituality for everyday life

  • Open access to abundance right now! 

  • Letting go is setting yourself free

  • Practical: Guided Activation Meditation


Movement as medicine and nature as therapy

Laurel Robbins ​

Founder: Monkeys and Mountains Adventure Travel

Distinguished Travel Blogger

Highly sought after International Speaker

Interview Content:

  • How to feel better instantly

  • The fun way to get yourself out of a rut

  • Achieve a big goal in your life

  • Replacing negative self-talk with positive self-talk

  • Stop comparing

  • Practicing gratitude

  • Rediscover your curiosity


Mastering the Art of the Pivot: Embracing Change to find Your Purpose and Success

Nikola Ahaiwe​

Author, Speaker,

Marketing Strategist for Wellness Entrepreneurship

Interview Content:

  • Speaking things into existence

  • FEAR blocking manifestation

  • Understanding the difference between vision and purpose

  • Mastering the art of the pivot

  • Walking into your purpose